Jimmy, Don and Velocity Design Builders are the gold standard for contractors! After finishing one complete build out and one remodel office, it is our pleasure to highly recommend them from start to end.  They listen to your needs, are fair in their pricing, look to save you money, adhere to high standards in construction, do not need micromanaging, complete the job with integrity, finish on time, conduct themselves with professionalism, pay attention to the details, follow through on every item until the very end, keep their word and are delightful in nature. They are unicorns in their industry and we highly recommend them!

Hal and Krystal Barkate
Barkate Orthodontics

We are so grateful to have worked with Jimmy at Velocity Design Builders. He did an absolutely amazing job building our dental office to our exact specifications and wants. Our project had multiple hurdles, as we were renovating a very old existing building. Jimmy not only came up with different construction solutions, he was also invaluable in the permitting process. He personally met with the planners and reviewed all the issues. Without Jimmy, we would have been delayed for many months.  

Jimmy is easy going, always reachable and discussed all parts of the process clearly. He presented multiple options for the given design and therefore allowed us to save significantly in the actual construction costs.  

Jimmy was attentive to all the details and made sure the project was moving forward within our timeframe. Beyond that, all the people that Jimmy bring on are also wonderful. You can tell that they love what they do, and they do it very well.  

We are so happy that we chose to go with Jimmy’s team. We will definitely be working with him again for any future projects.

Howard Chu, DMD, MS

I had a great experience working with Jimmy and his team.  My goal was to build a beautiful and modern dental office from scratch in the shortest amount of time possible. Jimmy was there during the entire process from designing the layout, to helping me choose finishes, and all the way through opening day.  I was extremely happy with the final product and how everything turned out.  

Jimmy has a keen attention to detail that really sets him apart from any contractor that i’ve ever worked with.  He truly wants his work to be perfect in function and esthetics and he stands by his work 100%.

It was a pleasure working with someone who is so professional, organized and creative. His entire team was always on the same page and together they were able to work quickly and efficiently to finish on time and on budget which was a wonderful bonus. I highly recommend Velocity Design Builders without reservation.

Jason Cho, DDS

I worked with Jimmy at Velocity Design Builders for the construction of my orthodontic practice. In short, Jimmy is an absolutely amazing builder. I've dealt with a lot of contractors over the years, and there are a few things that set Jimmy aside from everyone else. First, the bidding process was incredibly thorough and accurate. Second, Jimmy and all of his subcontractors are perfectionists. The work they're doing is always to the highest standard. And finally, they're incredibly efficient. My build-out took about 8 weeks from start to finish and it's an incredibly intricate, modern space. When most builders take half a year or more on projects, Jimmy delivers in the time he says it will take. We've now been open for four years and I haven't had a single issue with anything in the build. I give Jimmy and Velocity Design Builders my highest recommendation.

Dr. Ryan McComb

Selecting Jimmy and his A team was as simple as looking at his work. Once you meet him and start talking about the project it is clear every detail, known and unknown, will be addressed. Our favorite thing about Jimmy's process is his ability to understand your aesthetic style and vision and provide options with value and cost in mind. Jimmy's team have all worked together for many years and they all share the same efficiency, precision, and uncommon eye for detail.To sum up the experience, people absolutely love our office and Jimmy delivered it to us ahead of schedule an under budget! We honestly miss the experience and can't wait to do it again. 

Billy and Jen
Messenger Orthodontics

Having several past experiences with remodeling I knew what type of complications that can occur. With that in mind I realized  I needed a person that was efficient, produced a high quality product and reliable. My remodel was especially more difficult due to the fact that we needed to continue to work during the entire process.  Jimmy was exceptional with his timing and phasing of the project with minimal downtime and most importantly it was completed in the original estimated time frame. Also, because he is so thorough his bid was very accurate and there were very little surprises during construction. I love people that take accountability and Jimmy will do exactly that.Unlike some other contractors,  he takes care of any issues that arise in a very timely matter and if it's not to his standards it gets redone until it's done correctly. He has a great group of subcontractors that work the same way and the job site was always  left very clean.  As you can tell from this testimonial , Jimmy (Velocity Design Builders) has my full confidence  and I highly recommend him. I can continue on with his great eye for design/ aesthetic, attention to detail, etc.... But, if this glowing testimonial doesn't  convince you please feel free to contact me. Andrew W. Chin DDS

Andrew W. Chin DDS

We were introduced to Velocity by Henry Schein and could not have been any happier.  Jimmy used our initial office layout and tweaked it so as to make a perfect and modern office. His eye for design and color combinations were exactly what we needed. Day to day we would meet, even briefly, so that the project continued on time and in a smooth fashion. We had some hiccups with permitting, but with persistence Jimmy and velocity persevered and got the job done. I would not be doing justice to Velocity if I did not also mention the terrific work of Melanie and Ryan. Thank you both!If you want a project to be done correctly, on time and smoothly you do not need to look further than Jimmy and Velocity. I highly recommend them.  

Dr. Christian Lopez

I picked Velocity Design Builders as my contractor because I saw an office that they had constructed and I wanted my office with the quality work that I saw there.My experience was really smooth with the team.  This was my first office that I constructed but aside from all the horror stories that I've heard from building your own office this certainly was not the case here.  Literally, it was smooth sailing.  The best thing about Velocity's process and delivery was their communication.  I never had to chase them but they updated me either daily or weekly.  Jimmy and his crew was such a pleasure to work with as they were all very respectful and courteous.  From the beginning Jimmy was very easy to understand.  He explained things very well and so when construction started there were very little issues.  His timeline was pretty much on sync as to what he proposed until the keys were delivered.  What I really liked about Velocity was that whenever there were some issues that came up they were quick to find an alternative and made sure that nothing delayed the construction.  Its been 2 years and still I call Jimmy about an issue and he takes care of it!  Customer service is top notch!!!  Without hesitation, if someone asks for a good contractor who knows the medical and dental sector, I am quick to refer Velocity Design Builders.   Not only does Jimmy do quality work but he has great design and final finish recommendations.  

Dr. Harvey Lee

Velocity Design Builders to the Rescue!

Building out a new office space is a daunting task. I did everything within my power to ensure a smooth process. I interviewed several builders, walked many different completed dental office build-outs, and received referrals from industry experts who have worked with an array of contractors.
I eliminated all but two contractors and was on the fence as to which one I should choose. I ended up going with the less expensive contractor. He was very responsive during our planning meetings, communication seemed to be sufficient, and I was impressed by the type of finishes that were included in the bid. Everything seemed to be going well.

On the 5th day of construction I received a call in the middle of my workday. It was the building property manager at my new office location informing me that my contractor was no longer welcome on their property and that I needed to terminate him as my contractor.
I immediately placed a call to the project manager and my call went to voicemail. Multiple subsequent attempts were made to reach anyone related with my contractor's organization with no success. The building ownership couldn't reach anyone associated to the contractor's company either and no one at the builder's office was returning calls. I finished with my last patient and drove· right over to the job site.

When I arrived, I was shocked to find that the crew and foreman were still working away, apparently unaware that they had been ordered by the building management to stop all work. The foreman at the site had poor English and didn't seem to understand that I was asking him to stop and reach out to his manager.

I would learn over the next few days that the contractor was cutting corners on materials, performing less than acceptable work, and breaking industry standards on heavy equipment use. Building management informed me that over the first week of construction they had discussed with the contractor many concerns regarding work done and unacceptable conditions at the job site. Despite these communications no efforts were made to address their concerns. I also learned that I was going to be held responsible for all costs that the building had incurred due to multiple fire alarms that had been set off by the work crew.

I was incredibly frustrated that my office project had encountered an issue of this magnitude and that I was now in a position
of having to find a new contractor who would be willing to quickly take on my job and clean up the mess left by the first contractor.
I immediately reached out Jimmy Poucher of Velocity Design Builders Inc. I first met Jimmy when I was initially interviewing contractors. I was very impressed by his work, his communication style and professionalism. The ONLY reason I did not choose him initially was to save money.

As a dentist, I am fully aware that what makes a dental restoration exceptional in quality is the sum of multiple parts, with each part being performed at an exceptional level. When examining the restoration after completion, not all of these parts can be evaluated. As an example, we can easily evaluate if a crown's margins are adapted well with an x-ray and an explorer, however, we cannot be certain that all caries were removed from the tooth or that good isolation was used during cementation. Much in the same way, if one were to compare two finished dental offices, they may only be able to evaluate the finish quality of the visible elements.

Velocity Design Builders not only got the finish pieces done to perfection, but the internal (hidden) ones as well. I observed all stages of the construction process and can vouch that the work and cleanliness provided was vastly superior to the work provided by my previous contractor. Although my first contractor was only on the site for five days, there were significant differences between them and Velocity Design Builders in the planning and execution of trenching, piping, and framing.

Jimmy and his team at Velocity Design Builders provided exceptional customer care throughout the entire process. We spoke almost daily regarding design decisions and walked the space several times a week. I believe this eliminated what would have been costly change orders toward the end of construction. Jimmy was responsive to my phone calls and maintained a friendly and professional demeanor throughout the entire process. Jimmy and his team's attention to detail and desire to get all work done to my liking was very much appreciated and represented a stark contrast to my first contractor.

Velocity Design Builders was on my site for three months and during that time not one complaint was made. l have now been in my new office for one year and am completely satisfied with all work that was performed by them. I remain appreciative that Jimmy was willing to take on my job and help me when I was in a very tough bind. I highly recommend Velocity Design Builders to anyone who has an appreciation for a job well I done.